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International Circle of Faith (ICOF) Missions is a global movement dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals, families, and children. Through recent and past projects, ICOF is working to bring hope and transformation to communities around the world. Learn more about the inspiring work of ICOF Missions and how you can get involved.


Our purpose for International Missions is to reflect our vision and current conditions.

Our vision is to address the overall quality of life in developing countries. Such as food, clean water, housing, education, medical care/ addiction recovery. Preaching is important however crusades is not enough. We are part of a coalition consisting of other like-minded individuals in business, government, education, and media as well as other mission organizations working together sharing resources and personnel to fulfill the overall objective of what we feel missions are about and that is to fulfill the Great Commission. Therefore, resulting in the improvement of the quality of life. Meaning “When our souls prosper our lives should prosper.”


God is going to do great things! We are very excited and humbled to be an instrument and the hands of the Master and creator of the universe Jesus Christ.

Barney Phillips, PhD.

Executive Director of Missions

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