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In the multitude of Counselors there is safety (Proverbs 11:14)


International Presbytery.

Ministers, ministries, and churches need a presbytery of God-gifted and established ministers. Being isolated is a lonely place.  The Presbytery fills the need for leaders who need someone to speak into their life or ministry. The Presbytery consists of carefully chosen ministers whose heart and vision are joined with one each other. These bring unity of purpose and understanding. The Presbytery is a ministry council composed of true elders of the church of God.  They brings protection, strength, and council for the ministry and the leadership of the ministry.

Decisions concerning the governance of the International Circle of Faith is not made alone or by worldly corporate board criteria via a “quorum”. Rather, the Presbytery functions through counsel and unanimous decisions from peer brethren. International Circle of Faith has adopted the New Testament model of a presbytery of peer ministry for support, counsel, and protection to the Leadership of the ICOF.  The ICOF Presbytery are trusted ministries with greater responsibilities.  They come from inside and outside the ICOF and are given authority to speak to the Leadership and minister regarding situations of a personal or ministry nature.

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