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Over 100 years later, International Circle of Faith is pleased to trace our roots directly to this original group of men and women in the Apostolic Faith movement. 


International Circle of Faith Global Network continues the God given mandate to help usher in a new wave of the Spirit of God in this century.

On January 1st, 1901 a prayer meeting at the Bethel Bible School with Charles Fox Parham began a new era in the Christian world.  Parham’s Apostolic Faith movement would spawn the Azusa Street Revival and Parham would become recognized as the Father of not only the Apostolic movement but all of Pentecostalism.

  In 1904 the Welsh Revival united more than 100,000 believers. In 1905 the Azusa Street revival ignited global interest in being filled with the Holy Spirit evidenced by speaking in other tongues.  A manifestation generally referred to as Pentecostal or Pentecostalism. 

These events launched the greatest revival in the history of the world.  From these humble beginnings hundreds of millions have been impacted with the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Those who can trace their spiritual roots to these outpourings will soon number a billion people. 

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In the late 1920’s Ray Cornell and his wife Ruth relocated their family from Mishawaka Indiana to Cleveland, Ohio.  The Cornell’s were from a former United Brethren congregation that had become part of the Apostolic Faith and subsequent Pentecostal movements.  In 1932, the Cornell’s dedicated their new building on January 1st.  That became the church anniversary.     

The Cornell’s home church was Greater Midway Gospel Tabernacle (later changed to Apostolic Temple) in Mishawaka, Indiana.   Here the late Bishop Glen Beecher (G. B.) Rowe was pastor.  Bishop G. B. Rowe was a contemporary of the leaders of the early Pentecostal movement and a fixture in the original Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW).

In the early 1900’s God began to manifest his power and presence in a manner that some though only relevant in the time of the New Testament Church.   Speaking in tongues or Glossolalia became widespread among adherent of a plethora of similar groups, but most notably the Apostolic Faith movement of Charles Fox Parham.   Soon this movement would impact most of the major denominations of the world in what would be one of a series of waves.   This first wave (as it would become known) is historically described as the Pentecostal movement.

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